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You Know Her by D.E. White

Joy Maddison, the perfect wife and mother, disappeared without a trace during a sweltering summer heatwave five years ago while on her evening run. Over a hundred million people have watched the final video of Joy, which was posted online by her devastated husband. In the final shot, she smiles at the camera, waves, and bids farewell with "See you later, my darlin'" before heading towards the gate to the woods. And suddenly, she was nowhere to be found...

'You Know Her' is a contemporary thriller divided into two parts. The story has three key characters, Joy the missing influencer, Maddie a recovering alcoholic and substance misuse living rough in an abandoned warehouse, and Jono Maddie’s abs’s absent boyfriend. Maggie is becoming increasingly trapped in a dangerous situation as she works for local gangster Ned. Ned is unaware that Maddie has a secret. Memories of an unrecognizable life resurface as Maddie leaves behind her drug addiction. Maddie's life takes an unexpected turn after a random meeting with Lucy Joy's sister, a police officer.

The author's writing style is impressive, and they skillfully weaved the story throughout the book, even with a few repetitions. The abducted woman's experience was unbelievable, but she managed to get through it.

What a major twist at the end. I didn’t see that coming!!

Many thanks to @Netgalley @Stormbooks_co & @DEWhiteAuthor for a copy for review.


About the Author

After numerous jobs, including travelling the world as a flight attendant, and working for the NHS in the ambulance service, she started writing full-time in 2017.

She lives on the Sussex coast, UK but dreams of living somewhere a bit warmer, preferably with palm trees!

D.E. White is represented by Kate Nash at The Kate Nash Literary Agency and published by HQ Digital (HarperCollins) and Joffe Books.

With fellow author, Lisa Brace, D.E. White co-hosts a number of 3-day and 1-day writing retreats during the year under the name Sussex Writing Retreats.

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