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With a Blighted Touch by J. Todd Kingrea

Upon returning home due to his mother's sudden death, Kit is confronted with memories from his past that he had long forgotten. After hearing about the deaths in his graduating class and experiencing continuous blackouts, he starts to consider the possibility of the legendary Black Rock curse. Will Kit determine what has caused the curse before it wreaks havoc on the town?

In the best possible ways, this book was absolutely chilling. I was caught in a state of suspense where I felt both compelled and scared to turn the page. The grotesque and eerie imagery captivated me, pulling me deeper into the story, and Kit, though imperfect, was a character worth cheering on.

Books that feature folk stories are my favourite kind to read. This book had me on edge, listening intently for any odd sounds and staying up way past my bedtime to reach the end. I could feel the desperation Kit had for what he had planned to get rid of. This book is a great choice for anyone who enjoys stories about folklore and the horrors of a small town. The author's portrayal of the story, particularly the odd children, was incredibly descriptive and enjoyable. The sound they made was so revolting, I could almost smell it.

The characters' attempts to defeat the lurking ancient evil in the woods made it especially thrilling, particularly towards the end.

Many thanks to the author for offering a review copy.


About the Author

I'm basically one of those kids that never outgrew my love for horror, fantasy, and science fiction. As the saying goes, "Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional." I discovered my love of reading thanks to my mom and yes, was considered a nerd in high school. I read comic books and "Famous Monsters of Filmland," played "Dungeons & Dragons," watched horror movies, and made some amazing friends in high school and college.

I received my undergraduate degree in Art & Graphic Design, and I've worked in a video store, as an art director, as a radio disk jockey, and as a pastor. I enjoy collecting and watching movies, reading, writing, travelling, lurking in dusty old bookstores, and wishing for some distant relative that I didn't know I had to bequeath me a decrepit trunk full of eldritch tomes and a beach house. A beach house would be really nice! Until such a time, I live outside Chattanooga, Tennessee, with my wife, Felicia, and two dogs. We have two grown sons, Brett and Matthew.

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