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The Weatherman by Royston Reeves

Will joined his work buddies for a drink at the pub. He makes his way back home after having a few drinks. Then, he comes across a man walking towards him and a conflict ensued that turned his life upside down.

Living with the fear of being found out about something you regret, but managed to escape the consequences, becomes a true nightmare when the truth is revealed.

I was deeply engrossed by the story of this book, eager to keep reading and find out what had happened. The inclusion of Solly gives it a whole new perspective, and it's unnerving how much he pushes the boundaries. What is his real objective in seeking something from Wilbur? Sometimes, you have to play their game to find out who wins. I thoroughly enjoyed this thriller, and it lived up to my expectations. It held my attention, left me hungry for more, and the twist was fantastic! You'll find this story to be engaging with likeable characters. This just goes to show that you never know who might be watching!

A fantastic debut, and looking forward to what Royston comes up with!.

Many thanks to @royston_reeves & @RandomTTours for a spot on the tour.


About the Author

Royston Reeves is a psychological thriller writer from Essex, England. After spending years in advertising writing TV scripts, newspaper ads and billboards, Royston’s first novel, The Weatherman, will be published in November 2023.

He lives in the Kent countryside with his wife Carly and daughter Hunter-Rose.

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