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The Space Between Us by Doug Johnstone

Many thanks to Orenda Books for a spot on the tour.

The fantastic author Doug Johnson and the house of OrendaBooks have done it again, with so many authors out there you sign up the elite, don't know how you do it but please continue doing it!!

We are introduced to 4 characters each so very different but they have something in common, a flash of light appears in the sky and they suffer a massive stroke. They wake up in the same hospital ward fully recovered, on which the doctors are puzzled because there aren't any signs of the said stroke.

They've never met before but they sense a connection between them, what follows is a desire to find out what happened to them and a need to go to the beach because there is something washed up on the shore and needs their help!!.

I'm a huge Sci-Fi nerd so I had to read it. I LOVED everything about this book, the characters, the story and the direction it took. We meet 'Sandy' an extraterrestrial life-form running away from something which has invaded their world and it could well come to earth.

It is an emotional well-paced novel with action scenes and I could add it has a bit of romance as well.

It is an exceptional series starter, I would love to know more about 'Sandys' background.

Easily more than 5 stars, Hugely recommended.


About the author

Doug Johnstone is a writer, musician and journalist based in Edinburgh. His fourth novel, Hit & Run, was published by Faber and Faber in 2012. His previous novel, Smokeheads, was published in March 2011, also by Faber. Before that he published two novels with Penguin, Tombstoning (2006) and The Ossians (2008), which received praise from the likes of Irvine Welsh, Ian Rankin and Christopher Brookmyre. Doug is currently a writer in residence at the University of Strathclyde.

I its directionHe has had short stories appear in various publications, and since 1999 he has worked as a freelance arts journalist, primarily covering music and literature. He grew up in Arbroath and lives in Portobello, Edinburgh with his wife and two children. He loves drinking malt whisky and playing football, not necessarily at the same time.

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