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The Secret They Kept by J.S. Ellis

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Emily Clarke thought her dreams were coming true. Her business was thriving, and she was moving into a beautiful new house. Yet, this dream quickly morphed into a nightmare.

Rocks being thrown at her windows.

Haunting messages written on glass.

Items mysteriously disappearing.

Emily’s nerves are on edge, which is only made worse by the man across the street constantly screaming at his wife. By befriending their son, Lucien, she learns a dark truth about the street she now calls home. Lucien has a brother who went missing ten years ago, as did the last occupant of Emily’s house.

Emily wants to believe these ominous events are past history until her ex-boyfriend vanishes without a trace. Now, she’s convinced she is a pawn in someone’s twisted game.

Can she uncover who is behind these disappearances before becoming their next victim?

OK, to start this book had so much potential, all the ingredients of a great thriller were there, missing persons, mysterious messages appearing and then seconds later disappearing, items disappearing, creepy neighbours especially the ones living across the road with the yellow door, but it was getting tedious the more I read it.

For me Emily was irritating and bland, but I carried on thinking it would get better, but sadly it didn’t, once I got to the end I thought, “is that it”, I felt the ending was rushed.

I hate to write reviews like this, but I was disappointed. I so wanted to love this book.

Author of psychological thrillers and suspense, J.S. Ellis had published her debut psychological thriller in 2019 which was an instant success and received great praise from readers. She writes stories about obsession and betrayal. When she’s not putting her characters in uncomfortable, difficult positions, J.S Ellis likes to relax with her husband and their fur baby, Eloise. They live on the sunny island of Malta.

Her novels are dark, suspenseful, filled with mystery and intrigue.

In Her Words

The Secret She Kept

The Sisters: Short Story

The Neighbour's Cat: Short Story

Theodore: The Neighbour's Cat

The Rich Man

Psychological thrillers duology for fans of Gone Girl and Woman in the Window.

If you would like to buy it, go to the link on your left at no additional cost to you & I receive a percentage.

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