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The Red Citadel (Isaac Alvarez Mysteries #3) by M. Lynes.

I'm late to the party because this is book 3 of the series and other reviews highly recommend starting from the beginning.

I have to admit that I really enjoyed it, and I'm really disappointed in myself as I should have checked the other books in the series before applying for a spot on the tour.

Spain 1499, Granada, a city in Andalucia, becomes Isaac's new home in this book as a result of his exile by King Ferdinand. The Inquisition shows no signs of stopping. Despite his busy schedule, Isaac notices the increasing religious conflicts. Because of his exile, Isaac lives in the guest cottage at a friend’s compound. Isaac values the kind hospitality. It's unfortunate that the more he sees his friend's wife, the more he finds himself falling for her.

In Granada, the Inquisition is flourishing, and Isaac is facing charges for Torquemada's death. There's concern about the Inquisition targeting Muslims and the potential for a revolt in the city.

The well-researched nature of this book, along I believe, as with the others, effectively captures the brutality and fear of the inquisition.

Many thanks to @MLynesAuthor & @Lovebookstours for the opportunity to read it.


Michael writes historical mysteries and has a particular interest in early 16th century Andalucia. He is fascinated by the interplay between cultures, globalization and religious intolerance of the period. The Isaac Alvarez mysteries are set against this rich background. He won a prize for his fiction at the 2020 Emirates Literature Festival and is an alumna of the Faber Academy’s Writing a Novel course.

Blood Libel, Michael’s debut novel, and Isaac’s first investigation was published in January 2021 . He is hard at work on the second book in the series and planning the third. Michael is originally from London but currently lives in Dubai with his family.

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