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The Rains Came Down by Julian Shaw


A world where nature has claimed the streets of London… where ageless people are perilously addicted to sucking marbles… and where the deaths of three men from another world threatens the order of the universe… In this, his debut novel, Julian Shaw has created a life-affirming and enchanting parallel universe, remarkable for its torrential bursts of action and overwhelming floods of emotion.

When Gareth Edwards dies in a train crash, he emerges in The Meadow , a realm existing somewhere between life and death. Hunted and on the run, he finds refuge with a travelling circus and journeys with them across the splendour of this strange world, where pubs organise rebellions, cave dwellers archive Earth’s disasters – and where a network of monasteries are commissioning expeditions into the Welsh mountains that are too dangerous to speak of. Gareth joins one of these expeditions, only to find something yet more perilous waiting for him – something with origins that reach beyond this world and into the trauma of his past.

My Thoughts

My first book by the author and it's just wow!!

The book creates a world of afterlife that is mysteriously fascinating and oddly recognisable. The writing is highly readable and accessible, yet imaginative and full of surprises. While it has elements of fantasy and science fiction, labelling it as such would be unjust. Loyalty, integrity, morality, love, fortitude, and steadfastness are all explored. It exposes the contradiction that human frailty is the hub of human bravery, and it emotionally portrays everything that can be attained through companionship, selflessness, and dedication. The descriptive writing is captivating, the character development is flawless, and the storyline is utterly gripping. I strongly recommend this without any doubts.

Many thanks to Booksprout for an eARC copy.


About the Author

Julian Shaw, PhD., is a British author whose work spans Speculative Fiction and Science Fiction. His writing brings together his passion for the vastness of nature, the dirty complexity of society's edges, and the beauty of everyday interpersonal relationships.

Julian carries with him his experiences as a frontline firefighter, a university lecturer in Politics and Urban Geography, and a post-graduate researcher of extremist politics.

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