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The Phantom Child by A.J. Wills

To save their failing marriage, Karina, her husband Ronan and their four-year-old Jacob opt for a trip to a Turkish villa. Following an exhausting trip and a couple of wine glasses, Karina drifts into a profound slumber. However, the following morning, she realizes that Jacob is not in his room. It’s as if he was never there at all. Frantically, she wakes Ronan up and he adamantly denies ever having a child, suggesting that Karina is imagining it all. Is her husband being honest, or is there a darker motive at play? Is Karina going crazy, or is there truth to her claim of a missing child?

Over the next ten years, we witness Karina's attempt to navigate life. Her life takes a drastic turn after learning about Jacob, making her realize she wasn't crazy but was actually caught in something much darker.

Despite its numerous plot twists, the story was intricately crafted, ensuring that I had no lingering uncertainties. The flow was absolutely perfect. The pace of the story is quick, and it is very effective. The characters, though unlikable, were fitting for this story as their lack of trustworthiness was expected. In my opinion, Karina was too easily manipulated due to her gullibility.

Until now, I hadn't read or heard anything by this author. I discovered that there are more psychological thrillers for me to explore, and I'm thrilled!

Many thanks to @adrianwills & @ZooloosBT for a spot on the tour.


About the Author

AJ Wills writes standalone psychological thrillers with twisty plots.

He’s a former journalist who wrote in his spare time, before and after work for ten years,

until he was finally able to fulfil his lifelong dream of becoming a fulltime author in May


He’s never looked back and now runs a small independent publishing company, Cherry

Tree Publishing with his wife, AJ McDine, also a thriller writer.

He said: “I've always loved thrillers, but psychological thrillers hold a special interest for

me because they're about the scary, insane, disturbing things that happen to ordinary

people - and we can all relate to them on some level.”

He lives in Kent in the southeast of England.

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Zoé O'Farrell
Zoé O'Farrell
14 feb

Thank you so much for supporting the tour and for closing it xx

Me gusta
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