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The Martian Diaries: Vol. 3 Gateway To Mars by H.E. Wilburson

"Gateway to Mars" is the third and final book by H.E. Wilburson.

It follows from the earlier books, which I loved, although it took me a few chapters to get into it as it's very different from the others. But knowing the author's writing style I soldiered on and thoroughly enjoyed it.

This time you find yourself in the 22nd century, 2129 precisely, and humans have started colonising Mars, during an excavation to an area called New Africa human DNA has been found. Human DNA on Mars? surely it must be a mistake or has some archaeologist tampered with it? Upon further tests, it was found that it's thousands of years old!!.

I won't reveal more of the plot as it gets very interesting and you have to find out for yourself. It can be read as a stand-alone but I highly recommend you start from the beginning, You won't be disappointed.

Overall an excellent series which I thoroughly enjoyed and a fantastic follow-on to H.G. Wells's "War of the Worlds".

Many thanks to the author for a review copy.


About the Author

No one would have believed (especially me) that I would write a trilogy sequel to 'The War Of The Worlds'.

I was thrilled when the audiobook versions of the first two volumes in 'The Martian Diaries' series jointly won 5 awards in the 2020 Los Angeles Science Fiction Film Awards, Audio Drama category.

Each volume was awarded 5 stars by Readers Favorite Reviews. Of book 1 'The Day Of The Martians' the reviewer said, “This was more than an audiobook. This was, in many ways, a wonderfully executed tribute to H.G. Wells.”

Of book 2, 'Lake On The Moon' the reviewer said, “The storyline is mesmerizing, and Mr Wilburson has done a magnificent job of melding his story with the original War Of The Worlds.”

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