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The Macabre: 6 Chilling Short Stories by Stuart James

From International Award-Winning Author Stuart James, Six Chilling Short Stories.

The Intruder.

When Marcia Graham is attacked in her home and loses her memory, her only solace is a man she can't remember, claiming to be her husband. As she experiences flashbacks, Marcia is certain she has a daughter. But why is Daniel dismissing her questions, why are her phone contacts deleted and what are the muffled cries echoing through the house?

The Caller.

Cleo James runs a successful podcast from a room in a creepy parking lot, and tonight, she discusses urban legends. A caller rings into the show, wanting to invent his own story with her in the starring role.

Room 9.

Frank and Carrie run The Oak Hotel in St Ives and love to see their establishment thrive. Only Frank likes to see a lot more. While spying on the guests in room 9, he sees something which chills him to the bone.


Chelsy and her friends visit a medium and try to contact the dead.

Only after the seance, the dead won't leave.

The Hitchhikers.

Nate and Becca are lost on a deserted road late at night. When they pick up a couple of hitchhikers, their drive home becomes a living nightmare.


Vinnie Cartwright wants nothing more than to lose weight, so when he hears about the shop where you can get anything, he searches for it. Only the mysterious shopkeeper wants something in return.


What a fantastic collection of short stories, author Stuart James has put together 6 of the creepiest stories I've read so far. I believe it's his first short stories collection released and I'm happy to say keep them coming!!.

I believe I've read all his novels and they're all so creepy/spooky and scary, special mention goes to "Stranded" which was my first book by Stuart and it really had an effect on me, so many twists, I was on edge the whole time.

I highly recommend it to any psychological horror fan, also I urge you to follow him on Instagram @stuartjamesauthor as he posts some really bizarre videos.

I've always been creative and loved writing. For over 20 years I fronted my own band singing, playing the guitar and the tin whistle as well as writing my own songs.

I gave this up when my kids came along - far too exhausting - but more recently I decided to dive back into my passion for writing and love of all things scary to pen my first novel.

I self-published my first thriller, The House On Rectory Lane in 2018 and received great reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.

To my great delight, it was shortlisted for Thriller of the Year 2018 on the Facebook group, "The Fiction Cafe" ending up in second place as voted by the members.

I’m 45 years old, have been happily married to my gorgeous wife (she'll read this y'know:) for 20 years and have two gloriously challenging teenage children. I also love reading, keeping fit and I am a keen amateur magician.

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