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The Lunchling by Jay Alexander

Orville and Ellie Taylor would do anything to get their son to eat his dinner. Lennon's a fussy kid, and desperate times call for desperate measures.

Which is why they started using the puppet.

"The Lunchling", they called it - an ugly little wooden doll with a funny voice. It was hideous, dumb, and a little bit terrifying, and it was the only thing keeping Lennon alive.

Until it started trying to kill him.

Now Orville will do anything to get rid of the demonic puppet, and it's not giving up easily.

It's a part of the family now, and it's hungry...

"The Lunchling" is a tale of fear and family, inspired by the iconic slasher films of the eighties and nineties. This novella from Jay Alexander, author of "The House That Falls" and "Starving Ground", will stick with you long after you're buried it underground...

This is one creepy 81-page novella from my go-to horror author, Jay Alexander. Orville and Ellie Taylor's son Lennon is a fussy eater, he won't eat unless they bring out a puppet and demand him to eat, or he will eat him!!.

It's not an ordinary puppet, it's ghastly looking, made of wood and cloth, Orville hates to use it to make Lennon eat his dinner, but the kid loves it and makes him laugh. The puppet is always on top of the fridge and Orville starts to plan how to get rid of it, one day whilst getting something from the fridge Orville senses something watching him but can't see anything, it's only him and the puppet, and it starts to speak to him!!.

From then on it's a horror fest, the puppet has big plans for them and doesn't stop until fruition. I really liked it, a quick read with funny references (which lightens the mood) but it's gory, especially coming to the end.

The author mentions there might be a sequel and I really hope there is because it's screaming for it!!.

Jay Alexander is a UK horror author and editor whose stories have appeared in BLACKBERRY BLOOD (Snowcapped Press), HAUNT, PLAY and 666: DARK DRABBLES (Black Hare Press).

Also the founder of Blood Rites Publishing, Jay's first collection of folk horror stories, STARVING GROUNDS, will be available from June 20th.

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