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The Last Guest House by Caroline Mitchell.

Nicola, along with her boyfriend, Matt, and her son, Georgie, were going to the Isle of Skye to witness the northern lights. Their plans swiftly go downhill when a heavy snowstorm strikes and they find out their reserved hotel room is unavailable, all thanks to Nicola’s mistake with the dates. Fortunately, they can make it to The Loch House in time to find an available room before the storm arrives. However, there is a specific reason why this place isn’t as fully booked. You have to read it, to find out.

The old house is untidy and has a creepy atmosphere. To put it mildly, the elderly couple in charge are quite eccentric. There are rules the guests must follow:

No smoking in the rooms. No loud music. No phones, and you can't leave your room after 9pm

They have no option but to remain here for the night because of the intense snowstorm. There’s a feeling that someone is keeping an eye on things. The other guests appear suspicious, and to make matters worse, George disappears. This is a creepy mystery where all is not what it seems. This had my interest right from the start.

The book includes podcast transcripts about a crime in a showbiz family in London, but their significance only becomes clear later. With each passing moment, the suspense heightens as the night unravels with bizarre occurrences, leaving the reader to contemplate the fate of the characters.

Oh, and there are plenty of twists!

This book was absolutely amazing! You’ll find yourself completely immersed in its perfectly dark atmosphere. There’s so much more I haven’t mentioned, but the suspense made me keep reading late into the night. Definitely a must-read of 2024.

Many thanks to @AuthorAJC @emblabooks & @netgalley for a review copy.


About the Author

A New York Times, USA Today and Amazon No.1 bestselling author, Caroline originates from Ireland and now lives with her family in a woodland village near Lincoln. A former police detective, Caroline writes full time, with over 1.8 million books sold worldwide.

As well as her crime series, Caroline also writes stand-alone psychological thrillers. Her books have won first place as best psychological thriller in the US Reader’s Favourite Awards, been shortlisted for the International Thriller Awards in New York and been shortlisted for ‘Best Procedural’ in the Killer Nashville awards. Her crime thriller, Truth And Lies is a No.1 New York Times best seller and has been optioned for TV. 

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