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The Intruders by Brian Pinkerton

Many thanks to @annecater for a review copy.

Is your wife/husband/gardener really who they say they are? Are you sure? really have a good look because you might be surprised!!.

"The Intruders" is a mash between "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" & the latest "Star Trek: Picard" series. Something strange is happening in the small town of Engles, Indiana. People are behaving very strangely and what is stranger is that when it rains it's localised, as in it rains only in a garden or on a plot but what REALLY is very strange is the egg-like substance that remains after the rains have stopped.


It was a small, yellow egg. Susan screamed. She staggered backward, away from the mirror. Then she jumped forward for a closer inspection. It was definitely one of the eggs, ripe but not hatched. She thought back to when she had climbed out of the car in Greg's driveway to circle to the driver's seat, rain falling on her...

"Get out" she shrieked. She pulled the egg out of her hair, and it slipped through her fingers and landed in the sink. She pulled off her shoe and slammed it hard into the sink bowl, repeatedly, flattening the egg and squishing its contents with so much angry force that she nearly pulled the sink out of the wall. Die, die, die!

Brian has created a world ravaged by natural disasters and the human race is to blame, which made me think maybe it's not a bad thing to be 'taken over' by something else from 'out there'. Maybe a hard reset of the Human Race is long overdue.

I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it to any Sci-Fi/horror fan.


Brian Pinkerton is the author of Abducted, Vengeance, Rough Cut, Killer’s Diary, How I Started the Apocalypse, Bender, Anatomy of Evil and The Gemini Experiment. Select titles have also been released as audiobooks, ebooks and in foreign languages.

Brian’s short stories have appeared in anthologies including Chicago Blues, PULP! and Zombie Zoology. His screenplays have finished in the top 100 of Project Greenlight and top two per cent of the Nicholl Fellowship of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. His academic background includes the Iowa Writers Workshop and Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. His website,, includes his cartoon series The Ruts.

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