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The Housekeepers by Alex Hay

Many thanks to @RandomTTours @AlexHayBooks and the publishers @headlinepg for the opportunity to read this amazing debut.

Mrs King, who held the position of housekeeper at one of the best houses on Park Lane for many years, is fired and seeks revenge by devising a plan.

Mrs. King assembles a cast of colourful personalities to assist her in carrying out a cunning and intricate scheme, but is it all simply about retaliation?

We tend to concentrate on the upper class in this day and age, disregarding the lower class, who are expected to remain in their place. Our focus here is on the voices of those below and how they can unite to claim what's rightfully theirs.

There are many characters in this novel, but I adored each and every one of them, as well as their personalities and contributions to the overall plot. Despite being set in the Victorian era, each of them just leapt off the page. This was completely relevant and believable. As the plots progress, more connections are made and secrets are exposed.

For a good portion of the book, the plots expertly entwined around one another, but as they came together and the plan was carried out, it became clear just how brilliant the entire scheme was.

I adored everything about this book. Everything from the atmosphere to the characters and storylines is beautifully crafted. I was so engrossed in the book that I wanted to keep reading even after the end!


About the Author

Alex grew up in Cambridge and Cardiff in the United Kingdom. He studied History at the University of York and wrote his dissertation on female power at royal courts, combing the archives for every scrap of drama and skulduggery he could find. He has worked in magazine publishing and the charity sector and lives with his husband in London.

THE HOUSEKEEPERS is his debut novel and won the Caledonia Novel Award 2022.

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