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The Home Front by David Wickenden.

"The Home Front" is a captivating book that honors the elderly's commitment to righteousness and serves as a reminder to avoid history's pitfalls. This story follows the actions of 95-year-old American WWII veteran Donald Wilson, who, despite his failing health, is determined to confront the fascist movement he sees as identical to the one he fought against in WWII.

The Nazis he fought all those years ago have returned to his hometown and blown up a synagogue. He is able to share his story of how he and the people he battled with back then rescued lives and the atrocities they saw with the support of his buddies. Russell, a neo-Nazi, is determined to quiet Donald at all costs.

Through his storytelling, David has managed to create a multi-layered and engrossing plot that skillfully interweaves intense action sequences with poignant family conversations and media interviews. The book presents a challenging dilemma of fighting against violent extremism while experiencing the pain of those closest to us, evoking deep reflection and sorrow. The Home Front is a reminder that everyone can make a positive contribution to society, regardless of age.

"The Home Front" is a highly entertaining book for thriller enthusiasts who appreciate plots involving terrorism and strategic attacks. The suspenseful plot of the story becomes more intricate and engaging as elaborate preparations are complicated by surprise attacks and unforeseen events. Once you start reading this book, be prepared to be completely engrossed until the very last page.

Must mention the cover. It's quite striking.

Many thanks to @BookTasters & @DaveWickenden for a review copy.


About the Author

Dave Wickenden grabs life by the reins and doesn't let go. Before joining the Canadian Fire Service, he served in the Canadian Armed Forces. He's as comfortable with a rocket launcher as with a fire hose. His protagonists often find themselves enlisted as rescuers and crisis managers. Like them, Dave has knelt beside dead bodies. Using CPR and a defibrillator, he has saved six lives.

At home in Canada, Dave loves to cook, read and draw. He ran his own home-based art business, creating highly detailed wood-and-paper burnings, a technique called "pyrography." One of his pictures of former Prime Minister Jean Chretien graces the walls of Rideau Hall in Ottawa.

Dave and his wife Gina are parents to three boys and three grandsons. His two youngest boys are busy with minor league hockey and fishing, so you can guess where you'll find Dave when he's not writing.

After 31 years in the Fire Service and attaining the rank of Deputy Fire Chief, Dave retired to write thriller novels full time. He is a member of the Writer’s Union of Canada, the International Thriller Association, and the International Screenwriters Association. His works comprises of IN DEFENSE OF INNOCENCE 2018, HOMEGROWN 2018, and DEADLY HARVEST 2019 and MAD DOG July 2020 through Black Rose Writing. He has adapted all four stories into screenplays.

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