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The Ebony Violin by L V Smith

The news of his uncle's death brings excitement to Brandon Saint-Demers as he looks forward to meeting his father's relatives. Nonetheless, he soon finds out that he and his older brother, Robby, are the sole surviving successors to a colossal fortune. In order to access the money, Brandon and Robby must abandon their previous lives and spend a year in seclusion at the luxurious Saint-Demers family estate in rural France.

The brothers soon realize that their ancestors' noble legacy hides ancient secrets that defy the boundaries of time, bridging the gap between life and death.

This book was absolutely amazing. I made an effort to avoid reading it at night because it was so haunting, especially the three headed ghost!!. I can't emphasize enough how scary it was!.

The perspective of the brother was what I particularly liked. It was spot on. I think "The Ebony Violin" is the author's initial foray into horror writing, and I'm crossing my fingers that it's not their last. It's in the same league as the greatest.

Those who follow my reviews know how much a great cover affects my decision to read a book. I'm delighted to share that it meets all the prerequisites, and if the story is also fantastic, then we have a winner!

Many thanks to L V Smith & @press_ghost for a copy.


About the Author

I brought home my first “published” book in grade one, A Trip to the Beach, and from that moment, I was hooked on this writing life. I spent my childhood dreaming of being a writer, and my teenage years typing out half-finished novels on a now-ancient computer. We won’t talk about the terrible poetry that filled my journals, but a teenage girl’s gotta have someplace to put her angst, am I right??

I call myself a writer now, but it took a long time to get here. I kept waiting for permission that never came, and eventually decided to walk into it on my own, gatekeepers be damned. These days, I write from my kitchen table or my couch, with a baby and his toys at my feet. I write books about friends and lovers, about the relationships that make us who we are, whether they are giving us life or breaking our hearts. My debut novel, Remember Us, is available on Amazon. Keep an eye out for my still-untitled Book Two, currently in progress.

I’m an indie author and editor, a proud Canadian who has finally managed to find a place close to the beach. It’s not the ocean, but let me tell you, the lake will do just fine.

I’m an unapologetic sports fan, chocolate lover, and I have a thing for fun coffee mugs. I won’t turn down a Netflix binge on Friends, The Office, Gilmore Girls or Dawson’s Creek. Not so favourite things? Southern Ontario humidity, scary movies and putting away the groceries.

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