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The Diary of a Serial Killer's Daughter by L.A. Detwiler

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

I love books about serial killers, and this one didn’t disappoint. “The Diary of a Serial Killer’s Daughter” was fascinating and intriguing, it’s written by a 7-year-old girl, Ruby Marlowe in diary format. She lives with her father on the outskirts of town during the day she goes to school, but at night she’s always alone because her father has to go to important meetings or work far away. She doesn't remember her mother, as she was very small when she left, or did she?.

During the course of the years she picks up strange things about her father she didn’t before, one night a car engine wakes up she goes to the window and sees her father picking up something from the boot and takes it to the garage she goes to see what he’s up too and through a hole on the back of the garage wall she sees something which fascinates her. She asks herself, “What is daddy doing?” “What are those tools for?” “Is he playing a game?” “ Would he let me join?”. She’s still too young to realize what he’s actually doing!!.

I give it 4 * because I liked the way the story was told as diary entries, a first for me, although the ending was predictable.

L.A. Detwiler is a USA TODAY bestselling author and high school English teacher from Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. During her final year at Mount Aloysius College, she started writing her first fiction novel, which was published in 2015. She has also written articles that have appeared in several women’s publications and websites. L.A. Detwiler lives in her hometown with her husband, Chad. They have five cats and a mastiff named Henry.

Her debut thriller with Avon Books/HarperCollins, The Widow Next Door, was a USA TODAY Bestseller. The One Who Got Away releases February 19th with One More Chapter/HarperCollins, and The Diary of a Serial Killer's Daughter releases March 12, 2020.

If you would like to buy it, go to the link on your left at no additional cost to you & I receive a percentage.

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