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The Devil Took Her: Tales of Horror by Michael Botur

An exquisite collection of 12 horror stories which I enjoyed. Horror stories but not from hell or the supernatural, they're the humankind which in some cases are really more creepy than other realms.

My favourites were:

"The Writing on the Rat": is quite graphic but couldn't stop reading it.

"The Devil Took Her": A private investigator is hired to find a missing reporter, what he finds shakes him to the core.

"Fake Id": A student acquires a fake id from his rich friend to buy booze but he gets more than he bargains for, especially from his friend's neurosurgeon parents.

"The Strange Paper": A boy growing up reading a magazine about UFOs, conspiracies, cryptozoology you know the stuff kids love to read. He's now an adult and an opportunity presents itself as a chance to meet the editor and a position is offered to him but is he ready to give his all even his sole to the course?

"The Devil Took Her" is my first read by Michael and really enjoyed it, liked his writing style and especially how his mind works. Would love to know from where he gets his inspiration to write some twisted tales.

Many thanks to Henry Roi PR for my spot on the tour.

Michael Botur, born 1984 in Christchurch, New Zealand, is the author of five acclaimed short story collections, four novels, ‘page and pub poetry’ collection Loudmouth and the children’s book 'My Animal Family.' He has won awards for short fiction in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Botur has published journalism in most major newspapers and magazines in New Zealand and is concentrating on screenwriting in 2022. He lives in Whangarei with his two kids, and the deal is this: Kids, you can stay up late and I’ll tell you some dark tales, though you may become unnerved. You have been warned.

Botur holds a Masters Degree in Creative Writing from AUT University and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism Studies from Massey University, as well as degrees in arts and literacy. Botur makes a living from communications, content and copywriting.

Botur has published creative writing in most NZ literary journals and has won various prizes for short stories and poems since beginning writing in 2005. He has been making money from creative writing since the age of 21 and in 2017/18 was included in collections put together by University of Otago (Manifesto 101) and University of Canterbury (Bonsai: Small Fictions).

Botur has published news articles in VICE World News, the Listener, New Zealand Herald, Herald on Sunday, Sunday Star-Times, The Spinoff, Noted, Mana and North & South. In 2017 Botur launched the only online ‘gallery’ for NZ short story writers,

In 2021 Botur was the first Kiwi winner of the Australasian Horror Writers Association Short Story Award for 'Test of Death.

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