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The Cockroach King by Andrew Cull

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

I sometimes prefer novella to novels because it is straight to the point no dilly-dally around, granted a good novel starts building up to the end and I do love them as well, but you can’t beat a good novella specially from author Andrew Cull’s “The Cockroach King”. This is my first book by him and I can tell he’s an extraordinary horror author.

From the blurb: “We’d been in the house two weeks when Tommy pulled the first bones from the garden”. That sentence was enough to grab me and add it to Amazon’s basket. I continue, “When Cassie baker buys the house on Cedar Street. It’s partly because it reminds her of the house she grew up in the 80s. It reminds her of happier times. When her mom was still alive before the cancer had taken her. It seems like the perfect place to raise her baby boy, Sam”. Oh! Boy, she’s in for a shock!!.

There are also 2 short stories “The Book Club” & “The Boy Among Us” which I rather enjoyed. I recommend this 5 * read to all horror fans, even if you hate cockroaches!!!

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