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The Boy Who Glowed In The Dark by Richard Holeman

Welcome to Hayfork, Iowa, a peaceful farming community nestled in the heart of a tranquil valley, a town that looks after its own. It’s a place where gossip is king, but secrets are kept from outsiders and those who are born there live and die at the mercy of the weather, or the forgiveness of the land.

Now a strange terror roams the sky at night, a dread horror lurks among the corn and a troubled widow gives birth to a boy who glows in the dark. Death on the streets and blood in the fields seed suspicion and division deep in the valley’s fertile soil as the town folk are terrorized season after season with the deadly visitations of a mysterious ancient hunter of human emotions.

My thanks to the author Richard Holeman for an eBook copy for me to review.

I really enjoyed this book, loved the characters, especially Harlow Peck. His mother was human but his father was something else..... an angel? maybe a demon?..... depending on whom you asked, what was certain is that he's different, and different isn't good in a typical 1950's American town.

That era was rife with mistrust, class division and resentment. A town with many secrets which are waiting for you to find out.

I found a few surprises along the way which added to the flow of the story and kept me hanging on. Loved the ending which I guess was predictable but at the very end something happened and I hope there is a sequel.

Really love the authors writing style which brings me to a paragraph in which I have to reproduce here because it's so good: "Hers was a living pain, an extraordinary heartache that would never fade so long as she drew breath. It was a fountain of sorrow. Of course, it was, otherwise he would not have sensed it from so great a distance or hurried so fast to get to her. It was a hurt to linger over, to follow deep inside her and savour. He could swim in it now and come back again and again." . Isn't that something!!.

It's got Horror (not the squeamish kind)/Sci-Fi and folklore, I highly recommend it.

Richard Holeman was born in New Jersey in 1966 and lives in southern California. In his youth, he spent years wandering the highways between Jersey and California, hitchhiking the interstates and back roads of America, trying to get lost, hoping to be found.

If you would like to buy it, go to the link on your left at no additional cost to you & I receive a percentage.

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