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The Book of Doors by Gareth Brown

I must confess I'm not into fantasy at all, but what made me request a review copy was when reading the blurb, it mentions 'Time Travel' now, I'm a huge fan of time travel (even if I don't half understand it). I'm so glad I read this fantastic world building, original story (for me anyways).

Cassie Andrews, a bookseller in New York City, receives an unexpected gift from a beloved customer, completely changing her unassuming life. It's a book, but not just any book - it's filled with peculiar writing and enigmatic drawings. Right at the beginning of the book, there's a handwritten message to Cassie, stating that any door is every door in the Book of Doors. Cassie's discovery of the Book of Doors reveals its incredible ability to grant extraordinary powers, leading her and her best friend Izzy into a thrilling exploration of unlimited travel possibilities.

Nevertheless, the Book of Doors is not the solitary magical book in the world. Cassie now possesses something that dangerous and ruthless individuals covet - other books capable of incredible and horrifying deeds. In a sudden turn of events, Cassie and Izzy are faced with violence and danger, with Drummond Fox appearing as their only possible saviour. He is an individual escaping from his personal demons - a man who possesses a hidden collection of mystical books, safeguarded in the darkness. All of them are being hunted by an unknown malevolence.

Gareth Brown's skilful storytelling merges time travel and magic, urging readers to expand their perception of reality and embrace the limitless capabilities of the human spirit. As Cassie sets out on her journey, her character undergoes a remarkable transformation, maturing from a curious and inexperienced young woman into a formidable and self-assured individual. Prepare yourself for an emotional roller coaster as this story tugs at your heartstrings, evoking sadness, happiness, anxiety, and more. It's an exciting story packed with adventure, intrigue, suspense, and a touch of horror.

Many thanks to @GarethJohnBrown @TransworldBooks & @NetGalley for this fantastic story.


About the Author

Gareth Brown has been writing novels since he was a teenager. Most of those books were not very good, and thankfully were never published. His first published novel - The Book of Doors - will be released in the UK (Bantam) and USA (William Morrow) in February 2024. Foreign language rights for The Book of Doors have also been sold to nearly twenty other territories including Germany. Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Hungary. 

When not working or writing Gareth loves travel, barbecues, playing bass guitar and watching snooker. He also enjoys falling asleep in front of the television like an old man. 

Gareth lives with his wife and two Skye terriers near Edinburgh in Scotland.

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