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The App by Stuart James

Internet 101:

NEVER click any links you are sent even if it's from friends, check with them first!!!

That's what Marty Benson did when he received a link from his friend promising £100,000 every Friday if he followed the rules.

That was the worse decision he ever made.

I honestly believe Stuart's latest work is the best he's ever written; believe me, they're all creepy!!.

Who comes up with an app that makes everyday law-abiding citizens perform the most hideous acts? A psychopath of course!!. There are two plots to the story, the present from Marty's perspective and the past from the developer's beginnings which merge to make an exciting non-stop creepy/edge-of-the-seat (literally) action-filled read.

I loved the characters and the things they go through are so palpable it's creepy, but special mention goes to Marty's mother-in-law Ethel, she's oblivious to what's happening and the things she says add a touch of humour to the situation.

I can't recommend it enough! you're in for a ride!

I've always been creative and loved writing. For over 20 years I fronted my own band singing, playing the guitar and the tin whistle as well as writing my own songs.

I gave this up when my kids came along - far too exhausting - but more recently I decided to dive back into my passion for writing and love of all things scary to pen my first novel.

I self-published my first thriller, The House On Rectory Lane in 2018 and received great reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.

To my great delight, it was shortlisted for Thriller of the Year 2018 on the Facebook group, "The Fiction Cafe" ending up in second place as voted by the members.

I’m 45 years old, have been happily married to my gorgeous wife (she'll read this y'know:) for 20 years and have two gloriously challenging teenage children. I also love reading, keeping fit and I am a keen amateur magician.

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