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Starving Grounds by Jay Alexander

I was offered an eARC in exchange for an honest opinion.

After reading "The Launching" which I enjoyed, I was offered the opportunity to read "Starving Grounds" and I'm so glad to say what a fantastic collection of creepy/gory/haunted stories all bundled together as a great read.

The collection comprises of seven folk/horror stories, each creepy and violent with plenty of mutilated bodies and gallons of blood.

They're all very creepy but my favourites are:

The Bowels, a mysterious hole in the woods together with a very strange hotel where guests are welcomed but not allowed to leave.

Why Doth Nana Cleave Me So? this one really got me!. A bit unsettling but creepy as hell, left me wanting more.

Jay's writing style is something else, especially when explaining what Nana does with the cleaver, which left me a bit squeamish but wanting more.

So, overall a great read and looking forward to his next future projects.

Jay Alexander is a UK horror author and editor whose stories have appeared in BLACKBERRY BLOOD (Snowcapped Press), HAUNT, PLAY and 666: DARK DRABBLES (Black Hare Press).

Also the founder of Blood Rites Publishing, Jay's first collection of folk horror stories, STARVING GROUNDS, will be available from June 20th.

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