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Sisters of the Crimson Vine by P.L. McMillan

Sisters of the Crimson Vine is a mesmerizing novella that offered everything I craved: intriguing characters, a memorable setting, unsettling scenes unraveling the mystery, and an unexpected, breathtaking, and chilling finale beyond belief. The sad and realistic tale of the convent makes it difficult not to pity the sisters, even with their obvious issues. The antagonist was a great match for this story, illustrating the reasons behind the sisters' actions and the protagonist's trust issues.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It’s a dark story with lots of mystery and atmosphere. With each passing moment, the tension intensifies, and the ending is wonderfully satisfying. I definitely recommend it.

Many thanks to @AuthorPLM & @CoffeeAndThorn for a spot on the tour.


About the Author

P.L. McMillan writes dark stories and loves cosmic and gothic horror in particular. Her works have

been published in Sanitarium, Hinnom Magazine, Fundead Publications, among others.

To her, every shadow is an entry way to a deeper look into the black heart of the world and every

night she rides with the mocking and friendly ghouls on the night-wind, bringing back dark stories to share with those brave enough to read them.

“Someone suggested to me that McMillan might be one of the next great cosmic horror writers and

if [The Space Between] is a good indication of her talent and imagination, I’d say they could well be correct.” – The Miskatonic Review

Check out her website at

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