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She's Fallen (DI Robyn Bailley #2) by Alex Clare

"She's Fallen" is Alex Clare's second book in the fantastic series "DI Robyn Bailley". We follow Robyn's professional & personal journey, she's transitioning into a woman, a decision her colleagues are coming to terms with, some better than others.

Robyn and her team are investigating a case in which a wedding guest jumped out of a hotel window, could she have been pushed or was it an accident?.

Her first book was the best police procedural debut novel I have ever read, so when the chance to read "She's Fallen" came up I had to read it, I needed to find out how her transitioning journey was developing. Alex has created a fantastic character, a strong-willed woman, and meticulous with her work (there was a scene in which Robyn and her team were in the process of creating evidence boards, the way it was described was like watching an episode from "Line of Duty" or "Grace") outstanding!!.

It can be read as a stand-alone, but to understand Robyn's character I recommend starting at the beginning. Book 3 "He's Back" is released sometime in June, can't wait to get back in because there is a massive twist at the end which continues in her next book.

After nearly twenty years of being a committed corporate person, Alex Clare was made redundant. She had always enjoyed writing, studying fiction part-time through the Open University and managing to complete a novel in her commuting time, though no one had ever read it. Now, with lots more time on her hands, there was the opportunity to take writing more seriously. After a period of focusing on short stories, she wanted to try another novel. Inspiration came from watching Parliament debate the Equal Marriage Act in 2013. Astounded by the intensity of feeling generated, she created a fictional world to explore diversity and belief.

When she's not writing, she's reading and is a sucker for a Golden Age crime novel.

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