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Sanctuary by Valentina Cano Repetto.

All Sibilla Fenoglio desires is to reside in this dilapidated watermill with her spouse in the Italian countryside. Extensive repairs are needed for the mill, which has been uninhabited since the Renaissance following a mysterious disaster. Yet, there is a chilling element to the mill. It's a great setting for a chilling read!

Sanctuary is chilling, haunting, and atmospheric. The author’s writing draws the reader in and creates an unsettling and creepy atmosphere, but in a good way. I found the alternating chapters, characters, and spooky gothic villa to be quite enjoyable. The villa is haunted and eerie. Unusual events occur, causing you to question their reality. Prepare for a read that is both haunting and thrilling, guaranteed to give you goosebumps. Remember to keep the lights on while you read this haunting and disturbing book.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Many thanks to @valca85 @CamCatBooks & @booksirens for a review copy.


About the Author

Born in Uruguay to Italian and Latino parents and having lived in Miami, FL, for twenty-three years, Valentina has now made her home in a secluded Victorian watermill in Italy, which was the direct inspiration for this novel. Her debut novel, The Rose Master (2014 REUTS Publications, LLC) was called “a strong, satisfying effort” by Publishers Weekly, and her latest novel, Aleister Blake (Journal Stone’s Trepidatio Publishing), was published in September 2022. Valentina also runs a blog, Il Vecchio Mulino delle Rocche, where she shares her journey restoring the mill and home.

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