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Playground of the DeadStone Wallace

There's something about small towns and the unknown which I love. I don't see what's going around the seaside California community of Clear Vista happen in a big city, it's not the same.

Braden Powell, Clear Vista's Chief of Police, is looking into a series of mysterious deaths. These deaths seem to be connected to the deaths of the town's children. During the investigation, he uncovers things far more sinister than anything he had ever dared to imagine.

Playground of the dead really creeped me out. I'm don't mind reading about the dead or the supernatural, but dead kids, that's really creepy specially what happens.....I'm not saying anything else, that's for you to find out!!

From the very beginning I was hooked to the narrative. I definitely recommend this book for anyone who enjoys supernatural horror!

Thank you Henry Roi PR, Black Tide Book Tours, and Hellbound Books for the opportunity to be on this tour.


About the Author

Stone Wallace has worked as a professional writer for over 30 years. He has published 20 books (novels and non-fiction), short stories, scripts/screenplays and written numerous articles for North American publications. He has conducted celebrity interviews with such legendary performers as Anthony Quinn, Coleen Gray, Lloyd Nolan, Robert Stack and 50s horror director Herbert L. Strock (I Was a Teenage Frankenstein, Blood of Dracula, How to Make a Monster). He attended Red River College, The National Institute of Broadcasting and Robertson Broadcast Academy.

He has held a lifelong fascination with the paranormal and the macabre, his early interest stimulated by the tales of Poe, Lovecraft and M.R. James. Later he discovered contemporary masters such as Robert Bloch, Ray Bradbury and Richard Matheson. And then came his discovery of Stephen King and that was when Wallace determined that writing horror fiction was what he wanted to do. After graduating college, he wrote his first supernatural novel, the well-received CHILD OF DEMONS. This book was followed by the national bestseller BLOOD MOON and later GRAVEYARD. He returned to the horror genre with his latest works THE CHILDREN OF RESURRECTION GARDENS, followed by TO SLEEP, PERCHANCE TO SCREAM (THE REBIRTH OF ADAMM), and THE BATESVILLE GHOUL.

Along with his interest in horror, Wallace also is a huge fan of crime, gangster and noir films and is the author of GEORGE RAFT: THE MAN WHO WOULD BE BOGART. Ever since childhood he has held a fascination with the real-life mobsters and public enemies of the Roaring 20s and Dirty 30s, culminating in the writing of his historical book DUSTBOWL DESPERADOS: GANGSTERS OF THE DIRTY 30s. He is also the author of a fiction novel dealing with the post-WW2 New York underworld: REQUIEM FOR A GANGSTER.

His Western novels have brought him critical acclaim, with his second book MONTANA DAWN being recognized by Booklist as one of the “Ten Best Westerns of the Decade”. His other Westerns have likewise been critically noted.

Besides his books and articles which have appeared in many recognized North American publications, Stone has also taught classes in Creative/Copywriting and provided professional copy and editorial services for many local and national companies, both for print and website content. Below are some of the companies for which he has provided these services. A comprehensive portfolio is available on request.  

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