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Petrified Women by Jeremy Ray

This short story was recommended by a fellow blogger on Instagram, it was highly praised, so I bought it, I’m glad I did.

We meet Harley and her boyfriend Aiden, he likes to play pranks or scares as he likes to call them, Harley isn’t really into it, but as she has had bad experiences with past relationships, and she thinks Aiden is different, so she goes along.

They’ve made a list of scares, one to ten, one been the most awesomely scary, she thinks she’s planned the ultimate prank, it will be executed on his birthday, but whilst she’s preparing it something isn’t quite right.

What follows is the most original theme I’ve encountered to date, and the ending is to die for, literally!!

It was my first by Jeremy Ray’s works and I really liked it, I felt for Harley as she’s had bad luck choosing boyfriends but as you’ll find out if you decide to read it, she has the upper hand.

It’s not scary, but I recommend it for a quick read. I already have my eye out for his other works.

Jeremy Ray graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a MFA in Dramatic Writing. He is the recipient of the Max K. Lerner Playwriting Fellowship for his play Boiling Point and the Shubert Playwriting Fellowship for his play Sisters of Transformation. His work has been performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, and his screenplays have placed in the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Competition, The Academy Nicholl Fellowship, and the ScreenCraft Drama Contest.

However, he is most fond of prose. He spends his free time devouring books like the bookworm he is.

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