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None Without Sin by Michael Bradley

Many thanks to @HenryRoiPR for a spot on the tour.

A religious ritual from the Victorian era, sin eating, is symbolized by a loaf of bread left with the corpse as the murderer's calling card in this chilling thriller. The newspaper journalist Brian Walter and the Reverend Candice Miller track down a killer who performs a sinister religious ritual.

NONE WITHOUT SIN, a mystery by Michael Bradley, is a fast-paced story that keeps readers guessing until the end. The story includes a group of characters, and each one has their own secrets that they would do almost anything to keep hidden. Would they go as far as committing multiple murders to keep those secrets from being exposed? Could there be a more malicious motive behind the killings? Bradley skillfully instills suspicion in multiple characters, making the reader apprehensive about their safety.

There's a chance you're mistaken about who did it, even if you think you know.



About the Author

Born and raised in southern New Jersey, Michael Bradley spent years in radio broadcasting in New Jersey and West Virginia. He has been “up and down the dial,” working as an on air radio personality, promotions director and even program director – all jobs that provided a wealth of fond, enduring, and sometimes scandalous moments. Some of them make it into his suspense novels. Particularly into his first, the supernatural thriller Sirens in the Night (2015), which was called a “smart, terrifying, heartbreaking” and “compelling read,” and his third, Dead Air (2020), a “phenomenal read” that will “make you look over your shoulder the moment night falls.”

Michael’s day job as an IT professional has taken him on frequent travels throughout the US and Europe. On his travels, he’s met many people from diverse backgrounds, and he is grateful to all of them, as many of their quirks and habits also make it into his novels, albeit in clandestine and anonymous ways.

When he isn’t on the road, working, or writing, Michael hits the waterways in his kayak, paddling creeks, streams, and rivers all over Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. Or he reads to get inspired by writers such as P.D. James, Ian Rankin, Leslies Charteris, Simon Brett, Lisa Unger, and Ian Fleming. Michael is a member of Pennwriters and Mystery Writers of America, and he serves as the technical assistant to the director of ITW’s Pitch Fest and ConsultFest for the annual ThrillerFest conference. Michael lives in Delaware with his wife Diane and their two furry four-legged “kids,” Preaya and Willie.

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