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My Perfect Marriage (formerly How Can I Trust You?) by A.J. Campbell.

Note: When I started reading, the book was titled “Can I trust You” and the cover was completely different. I couldn’t believe it when I learned about the title and cover change. The author’s newsletter states that the publisher made a last-minute alteration. Personally, I favor the earlier choices, but luckily the narrative remains unchanged.

Ashley, Danny, and their son Elliot reside in a quaint rural village. They both left London, and Ashley still yearns for the lively streets of the city. Furthermore, they both share a business partnership in a growing enterprise. Lucy, who is Danny’s childhood friend, invite them to her daughter's birthday party.

When the party is in full swing. Lee, Lucy’s husband, starts screaming and Ashley witnesses the commotion. See her husband Danny covered in blood, standing over the body of Lucy with a hammer in his hand. Danny is being accused by Lee of killing her. The Police is notified, and even though Danny maintains his innocence, they still handcuff him and escort him away.

Ashley questions whether her husband is truly innocent. Did he actually kill Lucy? Do you really know someone that you are married to? As Ashely further investigates. Her knowledge of Danny is expanding as she uncovers new things about him. Can he really trust him? Prepare yourself for a tense and twisty thriller involving secrets, murder, blackmail, and lies. Do we ever know fully the persons so close to us?

The author did a great job of developing the characters and the plot’s momentum made it a compelling read. The story had unexpected surprises and a shocking ending. This is another riveting read with a surprising twist at the end.

Many thanks to @AuthorAJC @bookouture & @Netgalley for a review copy.


About the Author

AJ CAMPBELL is an Amazon bestselling author of six psychological suspense novels and promises stories full of twists, turns and torment. Her fourth book The Phone Call was released in July 2022, and it topped the Amazon charts for several months. It was shortlisted for the Adult Prize for Fiction at the Selfie Book Awards 2023. She released her fifth book The Wrong Key in January 2023, and her sixth book Her Missing Husband in May 2023. In July 2023, AJ signed a two-book deal with digital publisher Bookouture. She is currently writing her seventh and eighth books for them.


AJ draws inspiration for her stories from seemingly unbelievable situations in which ordinary people find themselves. She creates compelling characters that resonate with her readers. AJ lives in the UK on the Essex / Hertfordshire border with her husband, sons, and cocker spaniel, Max. She is a dog lover, a Netflix junkie, and a wine and Asian food enthusiast. And, either reading, watching TV or writing, AJ enjoys nothing more than getting stuck into a twisty story!

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