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Missing by Ruby Speechley

My Thoughts.

Ellie is a mother who is raising three-year-old Tyler all by herself. Several pre-school mothers already dislike her, but when she is shown a missing child photo claiming to be her son, things escalate. Tyler has been by her side the whole time. Surely, it's a mistake, or is it a warning? Ellie is aware that the threats are getting worse, and she needs to find answers before her son is in real danger.

The reading was a rollercoaster, showing the internet's strength and how it can ruin lives with just a few clicks. The author addresses serious issues, including rape and sexual assault. I think the author did a good job handling this and fitting it into the story. The writing was fantastic, and I finished the story in just a few days. I was hooked and couldn't put this down. Ellie's life took a turn for the worse with every chapter, bringing new horrifying twists and turns. The writer did an excellent job developing the characters, especially Ellie. I was constantly imagining how I would react if I were in her situation. I'm excited to see what the author writes next.

Many thanks to @netgalley, @BoldwoodBooks & @rubyspeechley for the opportunity to read it.


About the Author

Ruby Speechley is a bestselling psychological thriller writer, whose titles include Someone Else’s Baby. Previously published by Hera, she lives in Cheshire with her husband and two of her three children and two Springer spaniels. She has an older son and two grandsons.

You can contact her on Twitter: @rubyspeechley and Instagram: @rubyjtspeechley

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