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Lunacy by Chris Coppel

Many thanks to Henry Roi Pr for providing me with an e-copy and a place on the tour.

I've read Chris's other works "Legacy" and the sequel "Lifetimes" which I enjoyed so I know his writing style which is unique.

The Ellis family have packed up and moved to what they believe is their dream home. As soon as they move in their son suffers a headache which it's strange because he was fine a minute ago. Later in the story, we find out those "Headaches" are actually like a sixth sense, things he sees that no one else can. Weird/creepy things start to happen at the house but surely it's a new house, or is it?

The story grabbed me from the beginning, loved the weird/creepy things happening. For example, why is it so cold in the garden when the temperature is around the 90s? Loved the ending and Chris has left it open for future expansion which I hope comes sooner rather than later.

Overall a great story and highly recommended.

I'm also reviewing another novel from Chris called "Liner" which will be later in the month, looking forward to reading it, also from Henry Roi Pr.


About the author

Hi Readers,

I was raised the son of a writer. My father wrote plays, films and novels. He was successful and suffered constant wanderlust. I was born in America when he was there writing Vertigo for Alfred Hitchcock.

I give that familial insight so that you can understand that had the genes, I just needed to find my footing and get up the nerve to put pen to paper (or to be more my laptop). Many would say that having a successful parent should make it easier to follow their path under the protective shadow of their parent’s success. Not so! Writing is difficult. Writing in the hopes that you will be read and your works appreciated is terrifying. In my case, the fear of failure kept my ideas and stories buried in a back closet within my brain.

It is only now as I enter the latter part of my existence that I have been able to calm the fear and share my stories with those who may wish to read them.

I would like to think that it was my choice to write about things that go bump in the night, but it wasn’t. I had no idea that I would one day write tales of horror, but that is now what I do. With each new book, I feel drawn further into the dark void that we feel but rarely see. I hope you will join me.

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