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Little Witness & Only the Children (DI Tessa Burns #1 & #2) by S.A. Dunphy

Introducing DI Tessa Burns, a detective with exceptional instincts and an intriguing backstory, committed to the protection of children. The narrative kicks off with a thrilling action sequence that reveals Tessa's badass and occasionally impulsive behaviour. Since Tessa saved a child and became a hero, she has been given the chance to assemble her own team.

To create her team that focuses on protecting children, she selects her old friend Maggie, a young constable Danny, and Maggie's little dog Pavlov. Tessa's personal experience of a traumatic childhood fuels her passion for protecting the most vulnerable victims.

Meet the Connollys, a family who dabble in the illegal trade of alcohol. It's Tessa and her team's responsibility to locate the missing parents and ensure the safety of their daughter.

I've just discovered this author and I'm already hooked! I was immediately captivated by the characters and storyline from the very beginning. I wanted to know more about Tessa and her team. Every single one of them has tales to reveal, particularly about the childhood traumas that moulded their character. I am hopeful that this will evolve into a series that lasts for a while. I definitely have S.A. Dunphy on my auto-buy list.

I was instantly hooked on the writing in the first DI Tessa Burns book, prompting me to quickly grab the sequel from NetGalley. I've developed a quick love for this series because it satisfies my craving for a good crime story. These detective thrillers are precisely what I look for - action-packed, highly engaging, dark, and filled with intense suspense. While "Only the Children" can be read on its own, I don't recommend it as you won't fully grasp the character dynamics. Knowing the team beforehand made a big difference in how much I enjoyed this sequel.

In this sequel, the story unfolds in a different part of Ireland, and I had a wonderful experience traveling to the coast. The descriptions are superbly executed, and this series unquestionably portrays authentic Irish crime. I found the ship scenes to be especially remarkable, creating a captivating atmosphere and a thrilling beginning to the story. Nevertheless, the supply of intense and dangerous moments is never-ending.

An amazing second book and I am impatiently waiting for the next one.

Many thanks to @dunphyshane1 @bookouture & @NetGalley for the chance to read it.


About the Author

Shane Dunphy is the million-selling author of non-fiction titles relating the years he spent as a child protection worker. He is an accomplished musician and has composed soundtracks for television and radio. Dunphy is an award-winning documentary maker, and he writes regularly for independent newspapers.

He also writes a series of crime novels under the pseudonym S.A. Dunphy.

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