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Last Witness (Robin Lyons #3) by Lucie Whitehouse.

Having liked the earlier books in the DCI Robin Lyons series, I was eager for the third one. Last Witness follows Robin as she juggles family problems while solving the murder of 18-year-old student Ben Renshaw. In general, I found this enjoyable. The police procedural element held my interest, and Robin’s family life kept me engaged.

On the other hand, the thriller’s slow burn could have been enhanced by a more rapid storytelling approach. I found myself getting confused due to the excessive number of characters. I’m fully invested in the characters, especially Robin and Lennie, so I’ll be continuing this series without a doubt.

Many thanks to @LWhitehouse5 @orionbooks @4thEstateBooks & @Tr4cyF3nt0n for review copy.


About the Author

Lucie Whitehouse was born in the Cotswolds in 1975 and grew up in Warwickshire. She studied Classics at Oxford University and then began a career in publishing while spending evenings, weekends and holidays working on the book that would eventually become THE HOUSE AT MIDNIGHT.

Having married in 2011, she now divides her time between the UK and Brooklyn, where she lives with her husband. She writes full time and has contributed features to the Times, the Sunday Times, the Independent, Elle and Red Magazine.

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