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Keep Them Close by Sophie Flynn

"Keep Them Close" is about Emily, a mum of twins who suffers from postnatal depression and joins an online forum MumsOnLine and discovers other mums to whom she can relate. She starts to chat with another user TwinIsTrouble, soon Emily thinks she has found a true friend and chats in private, revealing secrets not even shared with her husband, secrets from her past that haunt Emily. But when she realises she has shared too much, she deletes her account thinking she has removed all her secrets but we all know what is posted on the net stays up there on the cloud, ready to haunt you.

I really enjoyed it, it was a riveting, suspenseful read, obviously, I couldn't relate as I'm male but I can understand postnatal depression is a serious condition that most of the time isn't properly diagnosed and it could even end in harming your child or yourself.

Also, chapters go back and forth with information about Emily's sister and mother which gives you valuable info and culminates in an explosive, emotional ending!!.

I strongly recommend it to everyone who enjoys a highly emotional/riveting story!!.

My thanks to Sophie for coming up with this fantastic read and to Kelly Lacey from lovebookstours for the opportunity to review it.

Sophie is a Cotswolds based psychological thriller author with an MA in Creative Writing from Oxford Brookes. Her debut novel ALL MY LIES was published by Simon & Schuster in April 2021. Her second novel, KEEP THEM CLOSE, is coming in July 2022 published by Hera.

Alongside writing, Sophie is the Head of Marketing at Jericho Writers. After being awarded a place at Swanwick Writers’ Summer School on the TopWrite scheme for young writers in 2017, Sophie began writing short fiction. She has since had many stories published and placed in competitions with organisations such as Writing Magazine and The Cheltenham Literature Festival.

When not writing, Sophie can be mostly found on muddy walks with her husband and rescue dog or disappearing to Cornwall whenever possible.

She is represented by Kate Nash of Kate Nash Literary Agency.

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