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Jasper’s Brood by J K Nottingham

I'm certain that this first book marks the start of a captivating and brilliant new series. The blurb piqued my interest right away, as its premise stood out from anything I had read previously. I liked the concept of Jasper being morally ambiguous because of his upbringing.

Composed as a letter journal to one of his lost brothers, "Gulliver," and told from his viewpoint. He talks about how his own parents were murdered and how he ended up working as a hired hitman's "apprentice" himself. Jasper has only ever known the life he has been forced to live, and despite his career of murder, he genuinely cares about and empathises with his group of rescued youngsters.

This book caters to a wide range of readers, particularly those who enjoy crime novels and have a fascination with psychology. Some readers may be upset by a couple of scenes that are quite graphic. Despite its rarity, the writing style is unique and easy to read with addictive and concise chapters.

Overall, I really enjoyed it and looking forward to his next read. Mr Nottingham, I have you in my "Authors to watch" list.


About the Author

J K Nottingham has lived and written in the North of Scotland, North East England, North West

London, and now lives in St. Albans with his wife and their two boys.

He has a Masters in Screenwriting and Producing from the University of Westminster, and is

alum of the University of Sunderland.

He managed an inner city youth centre throughout his twenties.

His debut play Lost in Mozart played to sold out theatres in Notting Hill and Edinburgh, the

screenplay for which he won the British Urban Film Festivals inaugural screenwriting competition.

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