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Infested by C.M. Forest

My thanks to the author for a copy to review for my blog.

Finished it last night, what a rollercoaster ride of emotions!!

The author throws you right in it from the start, we find Olivia waking up on her bedroom floor in a pool of vomit, the power is out and there's a massive storm outside. Her husband is missing, she hears cries and strange sounds coming from outside her apartment. She checks her mobile, no signal plus no Wi-Fi but of course, the power is out. What's that scratching sound coming from the air vent?

"Infested" is one hell of a creepy novel it has all the ingredients of a great horror story, it has suspense, action (plenty of it), monsters (not the hellish kind) and gore.

I loved the pacing it was perfect, with some action, then a bit of rest to recover from what has just happened, and believe me they need it!!.

It was a very creepy read that had me totally engrossed. Highly recommended!!.

Oh... Olivia finally finds her husband but not as she expects...

C. M. Forest, also known as Christian Laforet, is the author of The Infested and We All Fall Before the Harvest, as well as the short story collection The Space Between Houses, and the co-author of the short-story collection No Light Tomorrow. His short fiction has been featured in several anthologies across multiple genres. A self-proclaimed horror movie expert, he spent an embarrassing amount of his youth watching scary movies. When not writing, he lives in Ontario, Canada with his wife, kids, three cats, and a pandemic dog named Sully who has an ongoing love affair with a blanket.

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