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In the Minds of the Wicked (The Traveller series Book 1) by Warwick Gibson

I was approached by the author to review "In The Minds of The Wicked" the first of six books planned in the series, I'm on a tight ARC schedule but I agreed and I'm so glad I did!!.

Six women have disappeared and the police are clueless about where they are, it looks like other unsolved missing persons, never to be solved. We meet "The Traveller" he is part of "The Syndicate" a secret group of professionals who are invested in solving unsolvable crimes. He has a special ability which helps him in understanding people which really helps in the investigations.

I have to confess I was really intrigued by the story which left me wanting more about the traveller and other members we briefly meet. Looking forward to how the syndicate formed, how the traveller came to be and his past.

Overall an exciting psychological thriller which I have my sights on.

I’ve been writing for a few years now, and I’ve written a series in almost every genre. I do like a new challenge!

I started with the huge Navscar science-fiction trilogy under my own name and then wrote the Maric military thriller series as Eric Thorpe. That was followed by the very successful Kauri Bay sweet romance series as Casey Swan (a combination of my two grandfather’s names). Somewhere in there is a small town thriller, a detective book, and a sword and sorcery fantasy.

Now it’s crime thrillers, and my latest offering, ‘In the Minds of the Wicked’, is the first book in the Traveller series. These books are a shorter read at 26,000 words (2-3 hours to read) and there will be six of them.

I live in New Zealand as part of a tiny farming community on the ring plain around Mount Taranaki, and hopefully, I bring some fresh and creative kiwi ‘can do’ skills to my writing. Time on the computer alternates with time spent chasing rabbits out of the vegetable patch.

May the books you read fire your imagination, and increase the possibilities in your world.

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