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I'm Watching You by Amanda Brittany

Riona is spending her last summer in her hometown of Ensley before heading to university. She can’t wait to leave for pastures new.

Nothing ever happens in pretty but boring Ensley. Until a young woman is viciously attacked down by Quarry Lake. Then another. And another. One of them survives, one of them is in a coma — and one of them is dead.

Three young women with long, dark hair — and everything to live for. The only thing anyone knows about the killer is that they wear a yellow high-vis jacket.

One night that summer, Riona and her two friends are larking about at the lake. They think they hear something. They see a candle flickering in the window of the old boathouse. But they dismiss it.

Twelve years later, all three are still living in Ensley. Even Riona, who had expected to escape.

Everyone’s forgotten the Ensley Killer — the killer who was never caught. But one day Riona glimpses a figure in a high-vis jacket. Staring intensely at her. Then a note is shoved through her letterbox: I’m watching you.

And one of her friends goes missing . . .

Could the Ensley Killer be back?

My thoughts

This is a great psychological thriller, full of unexpected twists and turns with a very creepy atmospheric feel to it that made me so uneasy I couldn’t read it in bed! Riona and her friends are putting their lives in danger by drinking near Quarry Lake, which has become a hunting ground for a serial killer who targets young girls in the region. A splash and a scream are heard, causing them to search for the cause before running away in fear. Years later, "I'm watching you" notes were sent to Riona, Erika, and Stacey.

Has the murderer come back to wrap up the events of that night? I'm Watching You was fantastic, too! The story contains some unexpected disclosures that kept me guessing because I couldn't figure out who was behind the notes or why they were there. Riona was a charming, if naïve, girl. Therefore, I didn't understand why someone would be manipulating her feelings in such a way.

The characters are well developed; the pace is quick, and I found myself questioning their sincerity throughout. I'm also not sure I'll ever look at someone in a hi-vis jacket the same way again. Overall, I thought this story was a really interesting read that you should definitely check out.

Many thanks to @netgalley @JoffeBooks & @amandajbrittany for the opportunity to read it.


About the Author

Amanda Brittany is the best-selling author of psychological crime thrillers HER LAST LIE, TELL THE TRUTH, TRACES OF HER, I LIE IN WAIT and THE ISLAND HOUSE


Her debut, HER LAST LIE, has so far raised over £8700 for Cancer Research UK from eBook royalties.

Amanda lives in Hertfordshire in the UK with her husband and her crazy, cute dog. When she's not writing, she loves spending time with her family and friends, travelling, walking her dogs, reading & sunny days. She also has a soft spot for snow, which features in HER LAST LIE & I LIE IN WAIT.

Amanda has studied psychology and criminology, has a diploma in creative writing, and a BA(Hons) in English Literature.

She also writes psychological suspense novels with Karen Clarke. THE SECRET SISTER & THE PERFECT NANNY are OUT NOW.

You can follow her on:

Twitter: @amandajbrittany


Instagram: @amanda_brittany_author

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