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He's Gone (DI Robyn Bailley #1) by Alex Clare.

Detective Inspector Roger Bailley is back from medical leave as she's in the process of transitioning to a woman as DI Robyn Bailley, she's been unhappy with her body for years and now that she's been divorced for a few years she's decided to start with the transition. Her ex isn't happy about it (in fact she's fuming) also the daughter they have between them isn't either.

On her first day at work, she's thrown into a case of child kidnapping, a dead body, plus a series of burglaries to which they may or may not be related, and to add insult to injury she has to deal with all kinds of comments and jokes from her colleagues and even the press!!.

The story is well written and fantastically researched, and the conversations were spot on. It's an excellent police procedural story. I loved DI Robyn's character, the way she deals with all the trouble day in and day out is amazing, it's a well-written character. Furthermore, it's funny how the author explains the "problems" Robyn encounters every day, from what lipstick she's going to wear and how to apply it, to how to apply sticky tape to her.... how do I say it... undercarriage, lol.

As debuts go, It's a fantastic start to the series (3rd book coming out 22nd June)

It's the first time I've come across a transgender-themed character, and I highly recommend it.

After nearly twenty years of being a committed corporate person, Alex Clare was made redundant. She had always enjoyed writing, studying fiction part-time through the Open University and managing to complete a novel in her commuting time, though no one had ever read it. Now, with lots more time on her hands, there was the opportunity to take writing more seriously. After a period of focusing on short stories, she wanted to try another novel. Inspiration came from watching Parliament debate the Equal Marriage Act in 2013. Astounded by the intensity of feeling generated, she created a fictional world to explore diversity and belief.

When she's not writing, she's reading and is a sucker for a Golden Age crime novel.

If you would like to buy it, go to the link on your left at no additional cost to you & I receive a percentage.

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