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Hanging Corpses by Jay Bower

Before I start with my review I would like to ask you a question, what's the first thing that attracts you to a book? For me, it's the cover, it's very important (I know there are great books out there with shitty covers but the story is amazing), then I go for the blurb followed by reviews or recommendations from my Twitter/Instagram friends who know my taste.

That's what happened with Jay's book "Hanging Corpses". Just look at the cover; it's perfect for a horror short story novel. I instantly reached out to the author, Jay Bower and requested an ARC which he graciously sent me.

There are 15 horrific tales, from a vampire living in a dead world (Good luck with that Mr Blood sucker!!) to a haunted hotel to a church with hellish connections!!.

Some are one or two pages long, others longer but they're all so good and creepy. It's my first read by Jay and I was hooked.

There are a few which I would love to see expanded, as they left me wanting more but sometimes the shorter the better as it leaves you with awe thinking "OMG what have I just read!!".

I highly recommend it to all horror lovers, you will not be disappointed.

Jay Bower is a horror author living outside St. Louis, MO in the forest of southern Illinois. He spends his time reading, writing, and convincing his wife the dark stories he writes do not involve her.

He's the author of The Dark Sacrifice, Soul Eyes, Useless Creatures, and Threefold Demons.

Find out more and sign-up for his newsletter (and receive a FREE short story) at

If you would like to buy it, go to the link on your left at no additional cost to you & I receive a percentage.

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