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Girls Don't Cry by Peter Kesterton

Many thanks to @RandomTTours for my spot on the tour and to @Peter_Kesterton for writing this fantastic story.

The cover first grabbed my attention, and I was further intrigued by the title and synopsis.

Written in third person perspective, this book features Darren Burgess and Caitlyn Grady as the main protagonists. With multiple protagonists and a third person perspective, readers gain a better understanding of the overall narrative and become more familiar with a wider range of characters and their thoughts and actions. It's as if you're seeing the complete picture and not leaving out anything. I haven't read a book like this, with my heart racing at top speed.

The story's characters were fully fleshed out and authentic, with personalities that perfectly mirrored the narrative. The descriptions offered a fantastic and detailed portrayal of Darren's emotions and thoughts. It was truly heart-wrenching to witness everything he had gone through in the past and present in the storyline. The loss of his child haunted him with guilt for the rest of his life. While he endures this, his anger intensifies, and he seeks revenge when he learns Caitlin was released early. It's challenging to say too much without ruining the surprise!!

This is Peter's debut novel, and he's off with a winner, he's writing style is superb and really grabs you from the start.

Highly recommended!!


About the Author

I was born in Manchester to Irish parents who gifted me the tradition of storytelling and a love of

words. Unusually for an Irish family, I was an only child and found company in books and stories.

I moved to Bristol to go to university and loved the city so much I stayed on after graduating. I

Landed a job as a technician at the BBC and worked on radio dramas. Not content with simply

doing the sound effects, I decided to write my own radio play. Many years and drawers full of

rejections later, I had my radio drama Heads You Win, Tales I Lose, broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

I went on to write stage plays, notably Air Guitar for the Bristol Old Vic Theatre and Playing with

Snails which won the Croydon Warehouse International Playwriting competition 2011.

In 2019, I went to Bath Spa University as a mature student, undertaking an MA in creative

writing. I graduated with distinction. Girls Don’t Cry was partially written on the course.

For more information, visit:

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