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Fire in the Mountain (Inspector George Zammit #4) by A.J. Aberford

We're into book 4 of 'Inspector George Zammit' series and to be honest, it's getting better and better, although this time it's a bit slower than the other books. This time Assistant Commissioner Gerald Camilleri asks George for a personal favour, to find his niece who has gone missing in Sicily while protesting against fracking on the base of Mount Edna, a volcano in an almost constant state of activity. Due to the fracking activity, Etna is primed and ready for a massive eruption, so it's a race against time to find Gerald's niece. Quote In recent years, he had been shot, held captive in a concrete cell by Islamic terrorists, cast adrift at sea... and any number of other terrible experiences. Once he was home, terrors subsiding, he righted himself and sailed calmly on. As with all George Zammit books he has to deal with corrupt politicians, the mafia and this time an ancient brotherhood that devotes to the volcano with drastic consequences. I liked the interaction between George and Gerald, we see Gerald for the first time lowering his shield and treating George as an equal but not for long!!. Also, the amount of research AJ has invested in the series is quite astonishing that's why you have to start from the beginning because it's becoming a great series. As I mentioned before for me it was a bit slow as I was accustomed to the non-stop action of the other books, also I missed my favourite character and George's friend the Libyan militia leader, Abdullah Belkacem, they both make the perfect partners, he's quite the character, hopes he comes back to disrupt George's life yet again!!. Didn't guess the ending and I believe it has an element of the supernatural. I'll say it over and over again a fantastic series and highly recommended.


About the Author

AJ Aberford has enjoyed a varied career, having been both a corporate and banking lawyer, owning and running a private investment company and founding a leading Yorkshire craft brewery. Changing direction, he is now a debut author of the Inspector George Zammit crime and thriller series.

AJ Aberford still keeps his house in Yorkshire but lives primarily in Malta, which is the inspiration for the Inspector George Zammit series. Upon moving there, he soon became enthralled by the culture and history of the island that acts as a bridge between Europe and North Africa.

Malta’s position at the sharp end of the migrant crisis, as well as the rapid growth of its commercial and offshore-financial sectors, provide a rich backdrop for his writing. The culture, politics and geography of the southern Mediterranean continually throws-up surprises in this fascinating part of the world, nothing is ever what it seems, with the lines between right and wrong often blurred and twisted.

AJ Aberford is married and has two grown-up sons, as well as grandchildren. He is a keen cook, an adventurous traveller, a cyclist and is currently writing the fifth book in the Inspector George Zammit series.

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