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Feeders by Caleb Stephens

Feeders is the epitome of horror. It's incredibly scary. The world of Feeders is a living hell, not somewhere I'd ever want to go. The characters must have been terrified when the evil appeared. Feeders, just like Brynn, had me captivated and questioning its reality.

Brynn is a staff member at the Ink Tank, a tattoo studio located in Austin, Texas. After a tiring day, her only desire is to go home, take some pills, and unwind. However, her father Alan was waiting for her, despite being supposed to be in jail. He kidnaps Brynn and throws her in the back of a van.

For years, Alan warned everyone about the impending arrival of the creatures, but no one believed him. Brynn and everyone else believed he was crazy. Alan is taking Brynn to a shelter he built to ensure his family's safety from the Feeders.

Holes appear on the ground and masses of horrible creatures start to devour everyone in sight. Notice I said everyone and not everything, as animals are spared. Why is it happening?

The author has created a world on the edge of extinction. The characters, writing, and story are all captivating and gripping, filled with action horror. I devoured this novel and believe anyone who reads it will adore it as much as I did.

Many thanks to the author for an eARC for review.


About the Author

My fiction writing journey began when I decided to pen a short story for the 2016 annual Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards, which, to my great surprise, placed with an honorable mention. Since then, my short fiction has appeared in several dozen publications and podcasts. I’ve written four novels (the first of which will forever reside in the proverbial “junk drawer” on my computer) and am at work on my fifth—a chilling psychological thriller set in the tropics. My short story, “The Wallpaper Man,” was adapted for film in 2022 by Falconer Film and Media with a full-feature film script currently in development. I have two novels publishing in 2023: Feeders with Timber Ghost Press and a dark psychological thriller titled, The Girls in the Cabin with Joffe Books. My debut short-horror collection, If Only a Heart and Other Tales of Terror, is available through Salt Heart Press.

When I'm not writing or pretending to be a CPA, I can be found horsing around with one of my daughters or honing my guitar chops.

Thanks for visiting, and please drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

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