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Eynhallow by Tim McGregor

Updated: Feb 22

It's a gothic horror tale that takes place in the Orkney Islands of Scotland in 1797. Agnes and her four children live on the island, struggling to survive off the sea while dealing with her unpleasant and abusive husband. There are only four families living on the isolated island. The arrival of a mysterious outsider who wants to rent a neglected croft causes speculation about his motives. Agnes' husband volunteers her to take on the responsibility of cooking and cleaning for the new renter, much to her dismay. As she becomes more familiar with this new man, strange and terrifying events start taking place.

I couldn't put this book down! The author excels at making you feel like you're a part of the story. I could sense all that Agnes went through. I am a fan of authors who build authentic worlds, featuring vibrant characters and real-world conflicts intertwined with elements of fantasy. It's a challenge to come across Creature Feature books that truly terrify.

Many thanks to @TimMcGregor1 @RDSPress & @netGalley for a review copy.


About the Author

Tim McGregor is the author of Hearts Strange and Dreadful, the Spookshow series, Lure and Taboo in Four Colors and a handful of other titles. Tim lives in Toronto with his wife, two kids, and one spiteful ghost.

He can be reached at

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