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Eye of the Ouroboros by Megan Bontrager

Theo is a member of the National Park search & Rescue Team. Tirelessly, she explores the Appalachian Forest, seeking answers about her missing sister and anyone else who vanished in its depths. With no results for years, her life spirals downward until she unexpectedly becomes entangled in an incredible true conspiracy.

The way the world-building unfolded, revealing more about the Ouroboros and the characters’ relationships, was something I found particularly enjoyable. I found the story line to be both engaging and easy to follow and there wasn’t a dull moment. With that said, I found the pacing to be slightly off in the middle. There was a moment when I wanted the story to move at a slower pace, allowing for more elaborate scenes and character interactions. Apart from that, I found this reading experience to be highly enjoyable!

Delilah and Quinn have intriguing relationships with Theo, the main character. More scenes between Theo and Delilah would have been great, as their chemistry was fantastic, and the anticipation and tension built up beautifully. It was refreshing to come across a story about Quinn and Theo, who are like brother and sister despite not being related, and their platonic soulmates connection.

Megan Bontrager’s magnificent debut sets the stage for her promising publishing career.

Many thanks to @megbontra @QuillandCrow & @Netgalley for a review copy.


About the Author

J.M. Hewitt is a crime and psychological thriller author. Her work has also been published in three short story anthologies. Her writing combines the complexity of human behaviour with often enchanting settings.

In contrast to the sometimes-dark content of her books, she lives a very nice life in a seaside town in Suffolk with her dog, Marley.

When she was ten years old, she'd read all the books she owned, all those on her mother's bookcase and everything the library had to offer. She decided the only course of action to take was to write her own stories. Thirty years later, she is still writing them.

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