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Exit 202 by J.B. Arnold

I must start with the cover. It's absolutely gorgeous. Those reds and yellows with the long winding road just give me the creeps.

On their way back from a much-needed holiday, Micah and his family experience the unimaginable. A burst tyre with no spare. Hours pass by with no one in sight, but finally, their saviour arrives. The car and family are taken by a seasoned mountain man to his shop in the California mountains, but they soon become suspicious of his intentions. Faced with lies and deception, Micah is compelled to confront his own dark history to safeguard his family. The book's creepiness level heightened as you delved deeper into the story.

The Author skillfully crafted and maintained a sense of ominous danger and anxiety throughout the entire book, from the first page to the very last. Exit 202 is J B Arnold's second book and an author to watch out.

Many thanks to the author for a copy for review.


About the Author

From an early age, JB knew he could create mind-blowing, emotionally charged stories filled

with enigmatic characters and story arcs. Fond, nostalgic memories still loop in his mind about

the three or four-page thrillers he wrote in middle-school for his friends. Around the same time, he discovered Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Both prolific writers influenced his creativity and helped hone his love for the craft. But the love remained dormant for years.

In the early stages of the Covid pandemic, JB’s genuine passion came to fruition. Now happily

married and a father, his inspiration bloomed after hearing his second daughter’s desire to write a novella. Day after day, the two sat at the kitchen table, exchanging ideas, creating

treacherous villains, and building a majestic fantasy world through the use of a pen. He was

hooked, and the passion to write came rushing back like an avalanche.

Since then, he has completed two manuscripts: The Streets of Floria and Exit 202. The latter

will be released late 2023. You can also find his numerous short stories published through

online magazines and websites. His current work in progress (WIP) titled The Chronicles of

Barbasos, is an anthology of shorts, due out early 2024.

JB lives in sunny California with his wife and four children; three daughters and a son. Oh, and there’s his writing partner; his gray tabby, Max. When he isn’t writing, he loves to read, play golf, and listen to 80s rock and 90s metal.

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