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Double Down by Chris Coppel as (C.J. Axlerod)

Many thanks to @HenryRoiPR @ChrisCoppel for a spot on the tour.

The book's storyline is focused on a Hollywood star named Alex Cole. A threatening letter was received by Alex after being shot. Alex's public appearances were always accompanied by strange occurrences.

While watching a video, Diana Trent, his manager, saw Aaron Peterson impersonating Alex. In order to keep Alex safe during public appearances, Diana suggested using Aaron as his body double. Everyone close to him, except Diana, was confused by how much he looked like Alex. The task of being Alex's doppelgänger was assigned to Aaron Peterson, who was trained accordingly. Is it a good idea to hire someone who looks just like you?

The book is full of suspense and is quite intriguing. It is fast-paced and well written. Through the use of flashback, the author enabled readers to delve into the characters' personalities. The characters are well-crafted and believable. To give an understanding of character behavior, childhood experiences and traumas are mentioned. The author's writing style, combined with real-life Hollywood examples, makes it even more compelling. The readers are given a glimpse into the extraordinary life of a Hollywood star. The book is full of surprises. I was captivated and engrossed by the book.


About the Author

Hi Readers,

I was raised the son of a writer. My father wrote plays, films and novels. He was successful and suffered constant wanderlust. I was born in America when he was there writing Vertigo for Alfred Hitchcock.

I give that familial insight so that you can understand that I had the genes; I just needed to find my footing and get up the nerve to put pen to paper (or, to be more my laptop). Many would say that having a successful parent should make it easier to follow their path under the protective shadow of their parent’s success. Not so! Writing is difficult. Writing hoping you will be read and your works appreciated is terrifying. The fear of failure kept my ideas and stories buried in a back closet within my brain.

It is only now, as I enter the latter part of my existence, that I have been able to calm the fear and share my stories with those who may wish to read them.

I would like to think it was my choice to write about things that go bump in the night, but it wasn’t. I had no idea I would one day write horror tales, but that is what I do now. With each new book, I feel drawn further into the dark void that we feel but rarely see. I hope you will join me.

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