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Dead Station: Rebellion by Aaron Beardsell

Humanity has partially colonised the Sol system. A mining crew are busy tunnelling under Titan, Saturn's second-largest moon, but something is wrong. Mary, the leader of the mining crew, hears voices, but she realises she feels the voices inside her head. It's calling to her, wants her to join "it". The deeper they dig, the stronger the voices get.

Titan Station has lost contact with the Mining outpost, and Security Officer Ryka has been tasked to assemble a team to investigate. What they find is the stuff of nightmares. Ryka remembered years ago. He was tasked with harvesting asteroids, but like in Titan, he saw something hidden deep in the asteroids, something ancient, deadly and its awakening. Indeed it was eradicated then, so why is it familiar to what's in Titan?

Aaron has created a dark, scary future for humanity's next chapter, conquering space. His writing is superb, with intriguing characters and a startling, gruesome storyline. We're treated to a peak of the "entities" past and the massive war which took part before humanity sprang from the primordial soup. I hope Aaron expands it on future stories.

I recommend reading Book 1: Dead Station, which sets the series' tone. A highly recommended space horror series!!.


About the author

Aaron Beardsell is an Australian who fell in love with writing when they purchased a typewriter from a church buried deep in the woods.

Some say the typewriter has a soul of its own and lives through its victims. Others say it now sits abandoned in a basement somewhere. Only time will tell.

Aaron is the author of the Dead Station series, Coffinwood, and Perfect Flesh. They have also published several short stories in a wide range of international anthologies.

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