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Dead Man's Heart by Axl Malton

My review is part of @zooloosbooktour, many thanks for the review copy.

First of *Trigger Warnings* there are many so tread lightly.

There are two storylines running next to each other which alternate every couple of chapters, I thought it was spot on as they keep the narrative current. One story is about Bruce Campbell, a heart surgeon who, early in his career, changed his training to become the country's best surgeon due to Tim, his son, who was born with a degenerative heart condition. Bruce knows that Tim needs a new heart eventually but his blood type is AB-negative which only 1% of the population has, so things are not looking good.

The other story is about Aiden a psychopath living with his mother, he's a recluse due to a tragic event which happened in Highschool left him disfigured by the hand of four students having a laugh.


'You shouldn't have looked. They are mine! Not your's!' He lifted the hammer in the air, then brought it down on Mitchell's head. The screaming ended after the first blow. The hammer embedded in his skull. It only took one blow to kill him. The other ten were just for the thrill.

You might think, 'what do these stories have in common'? Oh boy, they do!!. All comes clear with an explosive ending.

The characters were engaging, and the author's writing was "my god" so vivid and scary!!. Also, the tension continued throughout no time to take a breath.

This book is so intense that it grabs you and doesn't let go until the exploding end!!

To come up with this kind of story you have to be a bit dark and with a very vivid deranged imagination, I'm not saying it isn't good, it's fantastic, that's the way I like them!!.

My first by the author and definitely up there with the best. Highly recommended.


About the Author

Axl Malton is a horror/thriller writer from Harrogate, North Yorkshire. His favourite authors and biggest inspirations are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Joe Hill.

Axl is an extremely proud father to four children, as well as a husband to his wonderful wife, who is his constant supporter, proofreader, and pillar of strength.

His favourite music genre is classic Rock n’ Roll, which often provides the backdrop to his writing sessions. That and a never-ending spin cycle on the washing machine.

He loves to play the guitar, go to concerts, and watch horror films, but his most treasured pastime is spending time with his family.

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1 Comment

Zoe O'Farrell (Zooloo's Book Diary)
Zoe O'Farrell (Zooloo's Book Diary)
Mar 26, 2023

Thank you so much for closing the tour with this awesome review!!! x

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